Our Germination

The Sharkey Girls

Welcome Back to NuttyNotes from Little Nutthings®. Today we’d like to share the story of the company’s origins and our dreams for the future – dreams we hope you’ll help us realize by sharing your own nutty notes with us early and often!

Little Nutthings® was born on a girls’ night out – a gathering of the five Sharkey sisters – in 2006. Anne, an artist and nature-lover, gave each sister a real-deal peanut that she had transformed into an animal figurine. Molly, the oldest, received a rabbit, her Chinese zodiac sign. She saw the business possibilities immediately and committed to creating fun and unique nut-themed products for fellow enthusiasts to enjoy. (The other sisters? They thought the idea was, well, nuts, but they shelled out for dinner and drinks anyway.)

So far, Anne and Molly have created 40 proprietary characters; there are plans for 122 and counting. The characters are the inspiration for Little Nutthings products. The current focus is the company’s line of T-shirts with graphic images of favorite nutty characters (see http://www.littlenutthings.com  for photos and to order).

Anne loves creating nutty characters and Molly loves the adventure of a building a business. They are both thrilled to have the opportunity to make a living doing what they love. However, they need input from the nut communutty™. Please sign up to receive NuttyNotes automatically and keep current on all things nuts.

And please write to us soon! We want to hear from you about anything and everything nut-related.

Meanwhile, Live Well … and Out of the Shell™, and thank you for visiting us!


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