Beer Nut Still Behind in Polls

Little Nutthings® was represented at two recent Oktoberfests in the DC area. Attendees were asked to vote for their favorite LN nut. It was a crowded ballot with nine official candidates, including Left-wing Nut and Right-wing Nut.

  Beer Nuts made a stronger appearance at   Kentlands than at Germantown but still lagged behind Bee Nuts, Nut Guilty and   AstroNuts. Rotten Nuts did well even    though it was a write-in.

It’s a tough field this year; with just a week to go, any nut could win. It all depends on voter turnout during election week, here, Oct. 31 – Nov. 6. The top candidates from the Oktoberfests will be on the ballot for a runoff election.

Analysts believe party platforms could be a problem for the political nuts. Who are their constituents? Is a vote for Right Wing Nut a vote for or against the Republicans? We asked for answers and we quote: “… Word Origins tells us the terms date back to pre-revolutionary France. In 1789, the French National Assembly was created as a parliamentary body to move control of issues, such as taxation, from the king to the citizenry. Inside the chamber where the National Assembly met, members of the Third Estate sat on the left side and members of the First Estate sat on the right. The Third Estate consisted of revolutionaries, while the First Estate were nobles. Thus, the left wing of the room was more liberal, and the right wing was more conservative. In the next few years, the revolutionaries would take over and countless noble heads would roll, but that’s another story”.

Now, add ‘nut’ to the mix and what does that say about a candidate? Or the voter?

These are tough questions. All we can say for sure is vote and live well … and out of the shell™.

Little Nutthings’ Nutty Notes and Ask Yahoo! have similar disclaimers … all information available through or in connection with Ask Yahoo![Nutty Notes] is informational only and provided “as is” without warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind.


One thought on “Beer Nut Still Behind in Polls

  1. Juli Monroe (@1to1Discovery)

    Beer Nut needs to step up his game. Polls indicate this race is still wide open. Attack ads probably won’t be effective. Who would believe an attack involving beer anyway? Not sure about the family value vote. Beer’s going to have to work hard for that one. But I’m sure he’s way ahead with the white male demographic. Will that be enough to tip the balance? Not sure, but what we know for certain is that enough beer will make voters tipsy enough to fall either way. Beer’ll have to make sure to push them in the right direction first.


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