A Nutivity Story

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, gifts just don’t work out as expected. This happened to my sister, Anne, a nature nut, animal lover, award-winning artist and the top artist at Little Nutthings®. Most of the nutty figurines featured on the blog are her creation.

A few years ago, she created a one-of-a-kind gift, a piece of art, for her godfather, Uncle Frank. The base was slate, the stable was a coconut shell. Mary and Joseph knelt beside baby Jesus, who lay in a walnut shell manger. A sheep, cow and donkey rested peacefully around them.

Uncle Frank and his wife, Carroll loved their unique Nativity [aka, Nutivity] set…until the following year. It was then a wholly different scene when Carroll opened the storage box, which had been visited by mice.

A Nutivity Story

untitled for now

Jesus was gone! Joseph … just a shell of himself. The scene had become beautifully, oddly, different. It’s now a piece of art that we doubt human artists could duplicate unassisted.

We’re having trouble just naming the new piece. The working title is Bad Day at Bethlehem but we are definitely open to ideas.  We’d also love to hear other stories of gifts gone bad, or gifts oddly improved, however you see it.  It’s all part of life and being nuts.

So please, live well … and out of the shell.


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