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Be Nuts and Be Happy

This week, thanks to William Falk, editor of  The Week magazine, and to the American Psychiatry Association, we feel extra confident encouraging you toBee Nuts, a directive

Mr. ‘Bill’ Falk’s editorial in the current edition begins “We are all, to some extent, crazy”[!!]  It gets even better as he explains “.. the successful, reasonably happy people I’ve known are nuts in a way that works for them…”

In other words, we should all be                                          Nut Guilty

In a related matter,  the American Psychiatric Association just released the latest version of its bible of mental illnesses, the DSM-5.  There are 15 new diagnosis, including Hoarding, Internet Gaming Addiction and Cannibis Withdrawal.   Since I’m nuts about nuts, I hope to review the 947 pages and over 300 maladies someday. For now, I”ll refer to the shorter, more accessible list of 136 phobias by Stephen Chrisomalis .

It has two terms for the fear of France – Francophobia and gallophobia and two terms for the fear of work – ergasiophobia and ergophobia, yet no mention of my main fear – dancing in public.  I am fearless dancing alone or with a toddler or a mid size dog. I can ski dive and scuba dive but become paralyzed when dancing with anyone older than 2. I thought I may just have scotophobia – the fear of being looked at – but usually, it’s the opposite.

At least I don’t have clinophobia  – the fear of staying in bed, which sounds truly awful. How can you cure anything without bed rest?

So, what makes you nuts and what are you nuts about?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Plus, we have someone who might be able to help.

Health Nut

Health Nut

And now my fellow nuts, go. Live well and out of the shell.

Or, as the



 likes to say, “Boldly go where no nut has gone before”.

(Speaking of nuts, all the Little Nutthings shown here are real nuts that we transformed in our nut shop.  Most are based on real nuts that we know personally.)
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Did I Hear You Right?

Last week, Wordsmith featured one of our favorite words – mon•de•green (noun), the accidental mishearing of a word or lyric that gives it new meaning.

We love mondegreens, we do them all the time. They make us feel extra nutty, whether we’re the speaker or listener. They can lead to parallel conversations. You might hear the doctor say that you have “very close veins” instead of “varicose veins” and wonder about his concern.

Music lyrics lead to many mondegreens. In their song “Bad Moon Rising”, did Creedence Clearwater say “there’s a bathroom on the right” or “there’s bad moon on the rise”?

Speaking of music, there are at least two current bands named Mondegreen, one in Australia and the other in Illinois. We hope they deliberately use ambiguous lyrics as often as possible.

The late, wonderful Gilda Radner had some classic mondegreens as her character Emily Litella on Saturday Night Live.
“What’s all the fuss I hear about violins on TV” … or
“What’s all this I hear about endangered feces?”

Meg, the Domestic Diva MD and wonderful food blogger, recently wrote about a mondegreen that happened while working in the hospital.

A Real Misunderstanding Among Real Nuts

A Real Misunderstanding Among Health Nuts and Unhealthy Nut

[Doctor Meg to nurse]. So we’ll keep him on this form of oxygen now and then switch him later?

[Nurse]: Yeah, when my shift is done, I’ll switch him to rest him.


Do you have a favorite mondegreen? Please share; we love them. And always … live well … and out of the shell.

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