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Heat Wave

I am Hot and based on this map from The Weather Channel, there’s a good chance that you are too. Look at all that red … nearly half the US!

 weather channel pic_JPEG

Basically, (sing along  if you know the tune) We’re Having a Heat Wave; and Little Nutthings® wants to provide some relief.   First, a little visualization.

Beach Nuts

real Beach Nuts

The Beach Nuts here have the right idea but are they’re missing two key points.

1.  They need to go in the water.  Generally, coastal water is a lot cooler than the air temp.  Maybe they’re afraid of getting wet since they’re real, albeit, transformed peanuts.  But I happen to know that a little water wouldn’t hurt them.

2. Note their beverages. Generally, nothing wrong with this beverage of choice. After all, we’re big fans of Beer Nut. Only problem, beer has a diuretic effect – ever notice increased visits to the bathroom when drinking? On a hot day at the beach, you’re  already losing water due to sweating;  probably best not to increase the water loss with beer.  Save it ’til you’ve had plenty of water first.

Neil's walnut milkshake picv.2

nice, cool Walnut Shake

Speaking of drinks, this is a picture of milkshake from a friend, Neil.  Doesn’t it look cool and refreshing?  Neil bought his Walnut Shake – his picture inspired me to make my own.  Good news … it’s super easy, delicious and even good for you.  And it’s cool.

There are lots of versions of Walnut Shakes so picking a recipe was the hardest part.  Here’s one I like – a Banana Walnut Shake.


1 medium very ripe banana, frozen; wait until it ripens – a few brown spots – to freeze. Can’t wait ’til it freezes?  Use a regular banana and add a few ice cubes instead.

1/2 cup vanilla low-fat yogurt . You can also use soy milk, almond milk, or milk with a scoop of ice cream.

1/4 cup chopped walnuts

1-2 tablespoon honey


Place banana, yogurt, walnuts, and 1 tablespoon honey in a blender.

Blend on low speed until ingredients start to mix together. Then increase to high speed and blend until smooth. For a sweeter smoothie, add another tablespoon of honey. Serve immediately.

TIP: To make a frozen banana – just put it in the freezer!  Some people like to peel it first and cut into chunks. Wrap in plastic and place in freezer several hours or overnight.

I think this heat wave is expected to last a bit longer; all the excuse I need to “research’ more cool, nutty beverages.  If you have any recipes or tips … please share.  And stay cool – it’s part of Living well and Out of the Shell™.


Beer Nut Still Behind in Polls

Little Nutthings® was represented at two recent Oktoberfests in the DC area. Attendees were asked to vote for their favorite LN nut. It was a crowded ballot with nine official candidates, including Left-wing Nut and Right-wing Nut.

  Beer Nuts made a stronger appearance at   Kentlands than at Germantown but still lagged behind Bee Nuts, Nut Guilty and   AstroNuts. Rotten Nuts did well even    though it was a write-in.

It’s a tough field this year; with just a week to go, any nut could win. It all depends on voter turnout during election week, here, Oct. 31 – Nov. 6. The top candidates from the Oktoberfests will be on the ballot for a runoff election.

Analysts believe party platforms could be a problem for the political nuts. Who are their constituents? Is a vote for Right Wing Nut a vote for or against the Republicans? We asked Ask.Yahoo.com for answers and we quote: “… Word Origins tells us the terms date back to pre-revolutionary France. In 1789, the French National Assembly was created as a parliamentary body to move control of issues, such as taxation, from the king to the citizenry. Inside the chamber where the National Assembly met, members of the Third Estate sat on the left side and members of the First Estate sat on the right. The Third Estate consisted of revolutionaries, while the First Estate were nobles. Thus, the left wing of the room was more liberal, and the right wing was more conservative. In the next few years, the revolutionaries would take over and countless noble heads would roll, but that’s another story”.

Now, add ‘nut’ to the mix and what does that say about a candidate? Or the voter?

These are tough questions. All we can say for sure is vote and live well … and out of the shell™.

Little Nutthings’ Nutty Notes and Ask Yahoo! have similar disclaimers … all information available through or in connection with Ask Yahoo![Nutty Notes] is informational only and provided “as is” without warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind. http://ask.yahoo.com/20011217.html