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One nutty resolution fits all

The new year is just a few days old, so how are your resolutions going?  Have any? Too many? Primed for a let down? Maybe Little NutThings can help whatever the situation with just ONE resolution!

Mixed nuts_ out of the shell_colored nuts

Mixed Nuts

Simply put, live well and out of the shell. “Live well” … take good care of your body, be kind to yourself and everyone else. “Out of the shell” … I wish I knew.  I’ve been working on this for a long time. Take a look at these real nuts.

If I were a plant nut, I’d like to be the colorful green one in the middle – note the crack developing on the bottom of the shell. Or I’d choose the beautiful almond beside it with the even bigger opening. Truth … I’m more like the almond on the bottom right, breaking out but undercover of the bigger walnut and near the tough Brazil nut.

Quartet, a new movie directed by Dustin Hoffman, opens January 11. Directing a movie is a first for him, though something he says he wanted to do for years. When asked what took him so long, he replied that it was his own ” private nuttiness that stopped him”. parade.com

We love that he said nuttiness in his explanation; but more, we love the idea that even Dustin Hoffman has trouble getting out of his shell. Of course, it’s all a matter of degrees. Some people want to direct a movie, others just want to dance with abandon.

So, who inspires you to pursue your dreams? We’d love to hear.
Now, please, be good to yourself this year. Live well. Spend some time out of the shell.