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Urgent non-nut Message Today

Awhile ago, a good friend suggested I watch ENDSeven, a video produced by the Sabin Institute where he works. I finally did, right after I loaded our last nutty blog on YouTube.

After seeing his video, I decided to delay a new Little Nutthings® post. Our message to “live well and out of the shell™” could wait. The realization that a massive number of fellow people cannot live well at all due to preventable diseases was more compelling. Especially now that there’s a way to eradicate them. Spreading the word is key.

The title, ENDSeven, refers to seven awful diseases that affect over a billion people – over half a billion children – who suffer needlessly with life altering, painful and preventable illnesses.

I worry about a lot of things but never about my kids getting elephantiasis, or round worm or any of these diseases. I find it easy to forget how lucky we are in first world countries. However, the video changed that. It is hard to forget and it makes it easy to help.

ENDSeven was recently released in the US version “Our Mission in a Minute”
I saw the British version “How to Shock a Celebrity”

Both are very well done, short and to the point with the same message – just different styles.  The UK version briefly shows real people with the diseases so a few scenes are pretty grim visually. Overall though, it’s also upbeat.

We can end this misery. We just need to spread the message and the vaccines. The Gates Foundation and others have donated money but more is needed. If everyone with internet access helped spread the word and/or donated just a little, we could wipe out these diseases. It would be nuts not to.

Things we can do to help end seven diseases:

  1. Help spread the word.
  2. Follow #End7 on Twitter.

  3. Go to facebook.com/EndSeven, like it and post a video on your wall.

  4. Contribute if possible – https://www.facebook.com/EndSeven?sk=app_118256921612282&app_data=donationon.

I’d love to hear which video you prefer and why if you watch both.

Next time, we’ll be back in our nutty little world.
Take care.